Agents: A Road to Success

Eastern Express is always looking for honest, hardworking people to join our business. If you are interested in representing Eastern Express, or just want to know how we can help you build your operation, contact us.

Eastern Express can provide driver recruitment, customer sales and strategic planning services to help you realize your long-term goals.

Equipment/Fleet Owners

Eastern Express guarantees that we will accelerate your cash flow by settling with you at least once per week. We can handle all of your billing and collections, as well as your compliance and safety issues, including coverage of cargo and general liability insurance.

Our terminal network is geared to help you control and reduce operating expenses while achieving your highest earning possibilities.

Streamlined Administration

It takes plenty of work to recruit and retain quality drivers. Our home office staff understands your concerns and we know that your job is more difficult than ever.

Eastern Express can help you stay on top of your business needs and streamline your administrative tasks:

  • Understanding and managing the service requirements of your customers
  • Accurately fulfilling all customer specific billing requirements
  • Monitoring new CSA rules and DOT regulations
  • Maintaining a strong message of safety and compliance among drivers
  • Settling with you and your domicile drivers once per week or more

When you join Eastern Express, you join a company that takes pride in an extensive terminal network, top drivers and a loyal customer base.